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How to Switch Back from Timeline to the Old Facebook Profile Layout? [Guest Post]

Timeline is the new layout for Facebook profile pages, the profile display images are more prominent
and are displayed at the top along with the listings of videos, photos and updates from the old profile
pages. It is very simple to upgrade and switch to using the new profile page layout. Most users not
familiar with the new layout would prefer using the old profile page. For those looking to switch back to
the old profile page for Facebook here is how to do it.

The new format of Facebook with Timeline gives in detail about your activities on Facebook, and most
users find it annoying that the Timeline feature displaying basic information. Most of the methods you
come across on the internet to disable Timeline do not work; here are a few tried and tested methods
to disable Timeline and switch back to the old profile layout for Facebook for different web browsers
without using developer applications.

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Google Chrome Browser:
  • Select the Google chrome icon on your computer and right click on the icon to select the tab for
  • shortcut.
  • In the target window you will find a default code, leave a space and press control and tab to
  • Select the Start in window and enter C:\Program and below type in the following:
  • "Files\ Google\Chrome\Applications\exe".chrome:
  • When you hit apply the old layout will appear without having to use the developer applications.

Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows xp:
  • Select the Windows icon and right click on the icon and select the shortcut tab
Enter user –agent =”Mozilla /4.0/compatible;7.0MSIE;Windows6.0NT”
And without the developer application the old layout for Facebook can be accessed for both Windows 7
& windows Vista.
For Windows XP follow the same procedure but it requires a different code, the code that needs to be
entered is:
  • User-agent ="Mozilla /4.0/ compatible;7.0 MSIE;Windows5.1NT"
The following steps have to be followed for all three Windows browsers:
  • Access C:\Program and enter
"Files\ Google\Chrome\Applications\exe".chrome" <Space>-user-agent="Mozilla/4.1(compatible;
7.0MISE\Windows 6.0 NT) Restart your computer and logon to your Facebook profile and refresh the page, and you will note the
Timeline is disabled and your old profile Facebook layout is enabled, so you can switch back to using
your old profile. There are chances to encounter formatting errors with your old profile like a white
space that is blank, you have to download this “Add on” to install.

Internet Explorer:
For those using Internet Explorer 7 then you only have the option of using the old Facebook profile
layout as it doesn’t support the new layout. For those having Internet Explorer 8 and other versions, it
is easy to switch back to using the old Facebook profile layout by changing some compatibility settings.
There are chances that your Facebook account can be viewed using Internet Explorer 7 by trying out
these simple steps:
  1. Logon to your Facebook account,
  2. Select tools> and compatibility view setting,
  3. And in the window where it says “Add this website”: add Facebook .com,
  4. Click on the ‘Add’ tab
  5. And then the close tab that is given at the bottom,
  6. Refresh your Facebook page and it should work.
Mozilla Firefox:
Download User Agent Switcher which is an Add on from the internet and install it with your Firefox
  • Select Tools> User agent switcher/Internet Explorer/click on Internet Explorer 7
  • Close the settings bar and refresh the page.
Your Facebook account will open up with the old layout.

Opera Browser:
Opera does not support the changing features for the user agent for certain versions, so the old
Facebook layout can’t be used with Opera browser.

This post was written by: Nathan Brown

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