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How to Download YouTube videos with Python?

YouTube has become the most popular video-sharing site on the internet. While there are a variety of methods for downloading YouTube videos, Python is one of the most straightforward.

I will show you how to download YouTube videos with Python in this article.

In a Python script, we can utilize the Pytube library to retrieve YouTube videos. It’s a completely free tool that you may get from the PyPI repository. When downloading videos, you can additionally specify the output format (e.g., mp4) and resolution (e.g., 720px).

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Downloading YouTube Videos in Python

Here’s a step-by-step guide to downloading YouTube videos in Python.

Step 1. Install Pytube using pip.
pip install pytube{codeBox}

Step 2. import the YouTube class from pytube package.
from pytube import YouTube{codeBox}

Step 3. Create an object of YouTube to pass the video URL
video_link = ""{codeBox}

Step 4. Use the filter method to specify the download format of the video

Here’s what the completed script will look like.
from pytube import YouTube
#pip install pytube

save_to = "F:/Dropbox/PythonCodes/downloadYouTubeVideo"
#where to save
video_link = "" 
#link of the video to be downloaded

    yt = YouTube(video_link)

    print("Connection Error!!")
    print('Downloading start....')
#filter mp4 extension

    print('Video Downloaded!!')

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