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Copyright Policy and Terms of Use

New Techie Copyright Policy and Terms of Use

Unless specified, articles and images published on are property of “New Techie” and are subject to copyrights and fair terms of usage.

If you are interested in linking, quoting or using New Techie articles in print form in magazines or newspapers, please follow the terms of usage as listed below.

Fair Use: Attribution and Linking
You are welcome to quote content from New Techie on your own site, however we expect proper attribution in the form of links to the original articles from your site.

Please link directly to the source of the article, instead of the home page. We also expect users to use the website name “New Techie”, as part of the attribution.
Reusing Images Published on New Techie
Whenever you use images from the website, please make sure to download and save them to your webhost, before including them on your website. In addition to that, proper attribution in the form of links needs to be provided whenever you use images, originally appearing on Tech Period.

Using images directly hosted on New Techie, on your website amounts to copyright and bandwidth theft. We take strict action against websites directly embedding images from New Techie on their site.
Printing Posts in your Magazine/Newspaper
If you are interested in printing posts from New Techie in your newspaper or magazine, you must take prior permission by contacting the site administrator. Please include the article URL and title that you want to re-print in your email.

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