If you’ve been looking for some good new music to listen to then Blake Shelton’s latest album“Bringing Back The Sunshine” is now available absolutely free to download.

Released in September 2014, Bringing Back The Sunshine, which debuted as the number 1 album on the U.S. Billboard Top 200, originally costs around $11 on the Google Play Store as a digital purchase, but can be grabbed for free for a limited period in a promotional effort that is only applicable in the U.S.

Consisting of 12 tracks in total, here’s a complete list of the songs that the album is carrying with it:
  • Bringing Back The Sunshine
  • Neon Light
  • Lonely Tonight (feat. Ashley Monroe)
  • Gonna
  • A Girl
  • Sangria
  • Buzzin’ (feat. RaeLynn)
  • Just South Of Heaven
  • I Need My Girl
  • Good Country Song
  • Anyone Else
  • Just Gettin’ Started

This sought-after album is Shelton’s ninth release, and other than topping the Billboard Top 200 charts in the U.S., Bringing Back The Sunshine was also number one on the U.S. Top Country Albums, as well as fourth on the Top Canadian Albums.

Download Now: Bringing Back The Sunshine

Google Play Store APK version 5.1.11 is now available to download. The all new Google Play Store 5 carries more elements of Material Design as has been seen earlier in the Android L Developer Preview releases. Google Play Newsstand was also updated with a complete Material Design overhaul, and a day later, Google+ was updated with additional Material Design elements.

Download Google Play APK version 5.1.11 from here.
WhatsApp Web, Service is currently available for users on the Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry platforms, iOS compatibility isn't on the way for now.

This service is only accessible via the Chrome browser for desktop and its Android based app. Mac users cannot access WhatsApp Web via Safari, but can use Chrome for that very purpose, and the iOS version of the Big G’s Web browser isn’t supported either. According to the WhatsApp team, support for more browsers is likely to be coming soon.

Step 1: Be sure that you are running the latest version of WhatsApp on your smart-phone.

Step 2: Head over to the http://web.whatsapp.com URL, where you will be greeted with a QR code that needs to be scanned.

Step 3: The webpage also lists where you can access the WhatsApp Web option on your Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone device. Tap that option on your phone’s WhatsApp client, which will launch the QR code scanner.

Step 4: Scan the code and voila! WhatsApp Web should launch in a matter of few seconds.

Most of the time, we have to find such a column from the whole database. The solution is provided below:

For example: I have a database named Employee, I have more than one table where employee_id column is present.

Here I am searching for column_name which contains employee_id within its name. It will return all the tables and respective columns containing employee_id

The new web client basically mirrors the app on your phone onto the web site. To use it, you need to head to the WhatsApp web page, scan a QR code with the WhatsApp mobile app, then get to typing your messages from there. Right now, the web app's only compatible with Google Chrome in combination with the Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry version of the mobile app. iOS compatibility isn't on the way for now.

Google Domains, Google’s own domain name registration service, has now exited private testing. This summer, the company unveiled the new service to fill a long-time void in the company’s product lineup, with a competitor to sites like NameCheap and GoDaddy (the latter which filed for a $100 million IPO just days before Google’s entry into the domain-selling space). Google’s service was previously available only to a small number of testers, but this morning, Google opened its doors to all in the U.S., and announced a number of new features alongside its public launch.

Paidvert$ is basically a Paid to Click (PTC) website. And much more: Its the next generation of PTC Systems! Read why and how to make a good profit with using this website.

I started to use Paidvert$ a couple of weeks ago. After signing on, i “forgot” about the site until i found some time to take a deeper look at Paidvert$. And it simply rocks. Right now, the site earns me about 10 USD per day – with a potential of much more.

How to use Paidvert$?

First: Register for an Account using this: CREATE ACCOUNT HERE
Second: Choose your way. There are two ways to start with the site:


Method One: Without Own Investment

Pro: No initial investment needed at all!
Con: You will have to click ALOT of low value Ads!

Method Two: Invest 5-20 USD

Pro: Much faster. When you invest about 20 USD, you will reach immediately the BAP Group “48.000 – 96.000″ which will give you Ads to click for an average value of about 2 USD/day. More about that later.
I really suggest Method Two – Even a low invest like 5 USD will grant you a much faster start!

How Paidvert$ works?

Basically, its easy: You click Ads and get Money for that. The big thing about Paidvert$: You don’t have click on low value Ads for the rest of your life. Even big ones are possible. This one i got yesterday:

20 USD Ad Paidvert$

Yeah. Its 20 USD Dollars for one click. I am currently at 1.200.000 BAP tho; thats a pretty high group at Paidvert$.

So. The basics: You click Ads and get money. And there as a second type of “Ads”. Ads, which grants you BAP. These are urgent, so listen careful:

BAP is a score. The higher your BAP score, the higher will be the value of the Ads you get to click! Ads unto 50 USD for ONE CLICK are possible.

At the beginning there will be 8 BAP Ads per day. Thats 400 BAP per Day. Make sure to click them all – the more BAP, the better your Ad values will be. After clicking 100 BAP Ads, you will get only 2 BAP Ads per day. But at this point you should be already at a decent BAP Level.

Click Ads for getting money on your Paidvert$ Balance (PV). Don’t just withdraw that money to a fulfilment service like PayPal or Payza. You need that PV money for several things:

1.) For each 1 Dollar you will spend, you will receive 3.100 BAP. Each BAP has a value of 0.0005 USD Dollars. Do the calculation: 3.100 x 0.0005 USD = 1.55 USD. Thats right. You will get BAP for 1.55 USD for every 1 USD you spend.

And what does this mean? Simple: The BAP are used to deliver Ads to you. An easy example: You have 100.000 BAP and you get a 5 USD Ad delivered. 5 USD has a value of exactly 10.000 BAP. You will get the Ad, click it, get 5 USD on your PV balance and have a remaining score of 90.000 BAP (100.000 minus 10.000).

What sense that makes? Simple: If you reinvest that 5 USD, you will get 5 x 3100 BAP for it. Thats 15.500 BAP and your score would raise to 105.500 BAP. Got it? The more you invest, the higher will your BAP go. The better will the Ads become and the more money you will earn. In the Highest BAP Group (10M and more) there will be a delivery of 700 USD in Ads per day!

You are not that greedy? Good. You can decide to stay on a BAP Group by keeping your BAP in that group range. I will do a post about BAP Groups soon. If you want to keep your BAP score, its simple:

From every Ad money you get, withdraw about 30 percent and reinvest the rest!

Example: You earn 20 USD per day. Thats reducing your BAP by 40.000 per day. Withdraw about 6 USD by one of the supported methods (Paypal for example) and reinvest 14 USD by buying Ads on Paidvert$. 14 USD give you 43.400 BAP so you will not only stay in your BAP group, you will even raise slowly. And you will have a passive income of about 180 USD per month – just for doing some clicks!


That was just a basic introduction into Paidvert$. There are much more features on this system like:
  • Ad Filters
  • Super User Upgrades
  • Account Upgrades
  • Ads

You afraid about what websites you should do Ads? No worries. This site will present in the next weeks a very valuable list: I will present you some websites, where you can create money. Some of them are without any investment (and take long), other require investments, but give you a fast way to get the money back!
The year 2014 has seen its share of smartphones by aplenty, but only a few have managed to stand out. Here’s a list of our editors’ picks of the best top smartphones of 2014, based on their price, features, and design.

1. Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus has a 1080p 5.5-inch display, and packs optical image stabilization in its 8MP camera module. The phone is available in the Silver, Space Gray and Gold color options with the price ranging from $749 to $949. Available in 16, 64, and 128GB of storage.

2. Apple iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 has a 750 x 1334 pixels 4.7-inch display, and packs an 8MP camera module. The phone is available in the Silver, Space Gray and Gold color with the price ranging from $649 to $849. Just like the iPhone 6 Plus, it is available in 3 color options and comes in 3 storage capacities.

3. Moto X 2014

The Moto X has a 1080p 5.2-inch display, and packs a 13MP camera module. The phone is available in the White and Black color, and can be customized online with an array of custom back covers. The price ranges from $475 to $519 and is available in 16 and 32GB configurations.

4. HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 has a 1080p 5-inch display, and packs dual 4MP camera modules, otherwise known as the Duo Camera setup. The phone is available in gunmetal gray, glacial silver, amber gold, red and blue color options. The price ranges from $649 to $779 for an unlocked model, and is available in 16 and 32GB configurations with expandable storage.

5. Sony Xperia Z3

The Xperia Z3 has a 1080p, 5.2-inch display, and packs a 20.7MP camera module and is dust proof and water resistant. The phone is available in the black, white, copper, and silver green color options. The price ranges from $579 – $749 and is available in 16 and 32GB configurations with expandable storage.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Galaxy Note 4 has a Quad HD, 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display, and packs optical image stabilization in its 16MP camera module. The phone is available in frosted white, charcoal black, bronze gold, and blossom pink color options. The price ranges from $649 off contract, and is available in a 32 and 64GB configurations with expandable storage.

7. Google Nexus 6

The Nexus 6 has a Quad HD, 5.96-inch Super AMOLED display, and packs optical image stabilization in its 13MP camera module. The phone is available in midnight blue, and cloud white color options. The price ranges from $600 to $700, and is available in a 32 and 64GB configurations.

8. OnePlus One

The OnePlus One has a 1080p 5.5-inch display, and packs a 13MP camera module. The phone is available in the silk white, and sandstone black color. The price starts from $299 to $349, and is available in 16 and 64GB configurations.

9. BlackBerry Passport

The BlackBerry Passport has a 1440 x 1440 pixels, 4.5-inch display, and packs optical image stabilization in its 13MP camera module. The phone is available in black, white, and red color options. The price ranges from $599 to $699, and is available in 32GB configuration only.

10. HTC One M8 For Windows

The HTC One M8 for Windows has a 1080p 5-inch display, and packs dual 4MP camera modules. The phone is only available in the gunmetal gray finish. And is priced at $585, available in 32GB configuration only.
The Android 5.0.1 factory images for the Nexus 7, 9 and 10 were rolled out earlier this month, and now, later than billed, the Nexus 5 smartphone has joined the party. If you’re a flasher, particularly if you’re in ownership of the Nexus 5.

Android Lollipop is a drastic improvement over KitKat, pushing the new Material Design language that can be seen throughout the Big G’s product line. Many of Google’s services on mobile are already boasting the slick new look and feel of this initiative, and even if you’ve yet to experience Android 5.0 first hand, you’ll have seen remnants of it continually over the past couple of months.

Whether you’ll see a Lollipop OTA on your handset sooner or later depends largely in the carrier and model / manufacturer. After all, the network operator and OEM all tend to make their own little tweaks along the way, and much to the frustration of many users, delay the roll-outs by a considerable lengths of time.

Whatever the case, Android 5.0.1 is ready and waiting for those if you on the Nexus 5, so snap it up below, and let us know how get on with it by leaving your thoughts in the comments section.
Download: Nexus 5 (GSM/LTE)
Despite the availability of 3G and 4G cellular communication technologies which allow us to have access to the Internet wherever we are, it doesn’t hurt to get a bit of a boost when it comes to getting a faster Internet connection.

Here are 8 Android apps that can help boost speeds to tolerable levels, and help you survive the long holiday gatherings. Note that some of them only work with rooted devices.

1.Internet Booster & Optimizer
Internet Booster & Optimizer is an Android app thatcomes with a series of commands that prioritizes the browser among the other applications that are using the Internet. This means that one can dig out more speed from the available Internet connection. It usuallypauses the secondary apps that are using Internet, cleans RAM & cache memory and flushes the DNS to make sure that most of the Internet speed is utilized by browser only.

2.Faster Internet 2X
Faster Internet 2X provides a convenient way to get more speed from 3G and 4G cellular networks.

3.Internet Speed Booster
Internet Speed Booster isan easy-to-use app with a sleek and minimal design. It uses a unique algorithm that can increase the Internet Speed of your Android device with a single tap of your finger.

4.Internet Booster (Root)
Internet Booster (Root) uses a different method for getting more out of the available Internet connection. It basicallychanges the configurations of system ROM to increase the Internet speed to 40% to 70% higher than before.... Read More

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