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2 Line Code - Send WhatsApp Message Using Python 

We can automate WhatsApp and send WhatsApp message using python by running a small python script.

The simplest way of doing so using the pywhatkit module which utilizes the webpage to automate message sending to any number on WhatsApp.

pip install pywhatkit{codeBox}

Watch live code & Demo of Sending WhatsApp Message using Python:

Here’s what the script will look like.
import pywhatkit as kit
# pip install pywhatkit

kit.sendwhatmsg("+9198XXXXXXX", "Subscribe this channel for more python code videos", 11,15)
# Receiver number with country code: +9198XXXXXXXX
# Message: Subscribe this channel for more python code videos
# Time to send in Hours: 11
# Time to send in Minutes: 15{codeBox}


Important: Make sure you is open and logged in at 11:15.{alertError}


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