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Link Exchange

If you want to share links with New Techie Kindly Use the Following Details To link To Us And Then Let Us Know. We'll Do The Same

Anchor/Title Text: New Techie | All About Technology & Web



If you are interested we can built focused linking from page to page basis by inserting related references that would help our viewers and us as well.

For example if i am writing about certain article on troubleshooting a laptop battery issue i have to concentrate my article on "Troubleshooting" part, while the visitor may want to know more other battery options, so in my post i can post a reference to a particular page on your site dealing with "Which battery would be best to buy" or "Hardware review of that laptop model" or "Buy replacement battery", ofcourse the page has to be worth referring (We can't let the greed eat out reputations, can we?) .

This would help both visitor and us, as
  1. we get the concentrated anchored link to specific pages and not just the one link to home page.
  2. We get not just the link but targeted visitor
  3. Google love anchored keywords leading to page.
  4. Visitor is presented with more information options.

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