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Top Nine Best Free Apps for Blackberry! [Guest Post]

Blackberry has been the Business phone boss since a long time. In fact, it can be regarded as the first ever Business phone to have entered the market. It has a huge fan base. In fact, there’s a saying amongst them that states that once a Blackberry user, always a Blackberry user. I too have, in my experience, found that Blackberry users find it very difficult to move on to a different phone. The idea itself of moving from Blackberry to any other platform does not appeal to them. This is mainly because Blackberry application development ensures that a user can get the maximum from his handset. Many Blackberry apps are available for free.

The best free Blackberry apps are:

1. Facebook for Blackberry
Present days have brought forth a scenario, where most internet users today are registered with Facebook. Times today have become really tough and lives have become faster. This is where a social networking site like Facebook helps an individual to live a social life without having to rely on phones or having to physically travel all the way. The Facebook application for Blackberry ensures that you do not have to go through your browser in order to log into Facebook. You can simply click on the app and be there.

2. Twitter For Blackberry
If there is another social networking platform that is interesting and popular, it is twitter. Twitter is one of the most visited social networking sites today. The blackberry app for twitter helps you to stay updated with twitter, notifying you of all the feeds constantly.

3. Gmail on Blackberry
Since this phone is essentially a Smartphone, Blackberry application development has ensured that all the apps that facilitate the business processes are enhanced to the most. For example the Gmail application for blackberry provides a unique experience to the users. Mailing was never as simple.

4. Foursquare
If you want some fun along with your social networking, then Foursquare is a fun social networking service that enables you to connect with friends. It helps you explore your city and earn fun badges along the way. Check in to venues when you're out and about and earn special badges and promotions. Contest with your friends and see the sights of your world. The blackberry app lets you
  • Check in,
  • View specials,
  • Explore your area
  • And much more.
5. Google Maps for Blackberry
Today, most devices come with the Google maps feature. However, the blackberry has its own in built GPS system, which along with the Google Maps application for blackberry provides a unique and thrilling experience to the users. There are detailed maps which show precise locations along with directions. I can't wait to be able to use the street view option while using directions on a Blackberry.

If you are a person who needs a quick look at all the latest RSS feeds just before entering office, this app is for you. This cool Blackberry app comes preloaded with the most popular RSS feeds and you can add new ones as per your taste. Won’t it be nice, to simply scroll through the latest happenings with your morning cup of decaf?

7. LifeinPocket GPS This is one of those sticky, unbelievably addictive apps. You use this app once, and then you just can’t imagine a life without it. This app basically works by using your GPS location point. By gauging where you are currently, it gives you a list of all the things in your nearby areas, including nearby friends, offices, shops, cheap gas, towing service and even the latest news and happenings in those areas.

8. Vectir Everybody loves to control things. And that too remotely! Vectir for Blackberry is an app that allows you to do just that. Once you download this app, you can easily use your blackberry as a remote control device to handle and operate your Monitors or screen. Talk about advancements!

9. Slacker If streaming music is your choice, then Slacker is for you. Slacker enables you to download or stream music while on the go. You can pick the kind of music you want, create folders, make your playlists, and choose personal stations from over a 100 preset options. The premium version even allows you to browse through on demand songs and cache stations.

This post was written by: Daliah Kaif

Daliah Kaif is specializes in Blackberry Application development. She is currently associated with VitebMobileApps. VitebMobileApps is a mobile application development company that offers its services across the globe and is known for its superlative quality.

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