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Floppy Bird 3D 2.0 APK

Floppy Bird 3D 2.0 Android app has been released. This is yet another take on the popular one button game Flappy Bird. Great time pass game that lets you play without using your mind. Just sit back relax and tap. It's so cool and you can put the pipes how ever far apart you want. Better than flappy bird, you can change the level of it and you can open how wide it is to be more easier or more challenging. The game is easy and fun it's the most best type of flappy bird related games.

Flappy bird is hard that it will harm people around you but this game wont because it's really easy. You can experience the best bird game in your mobile with Floppy Bird. This game is both addictive and fun as well as challenging to those who play it. You can also change the difficulty, hard or easy. Floppy Bird 3D is a excellent game with really good animation, way better than flappy bird would recommend this.

Floppy Bird 3D Game Features:
  • Various Background Graphics.
  • Beautiful Full 3D Graphics.
  • Various Pipe level and Moving Pipe.
  • Various Birds 
  • Three World Ranks.
  • Various Animations.
  • Simple Controls.
  • Four Modes - Easy, Normal, Hard, Hell

Requires Android: 2.3+

Download File: 12MB (Floppy Bird 3D 2.0 APK)

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