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Free App Day + Bonus $1.95 [10/Feb]: The Rockets

Today's Free App Day is, The Rockets is an arcade boss-based shoot 'em up. Take control of your space-ship and starting blasting your way through cool & unique levels. As you progress through the adventure style campaign you'll be able to upgrade your ship and unlock new abilities by spending loot acquired from fallen enemies. The game is simple to play - yet strangely addictive and challenging. Start blasting your way to victory now!!

Bonus: Today you get 3 additional chapters of The Rockets, normally worth $1.95 for FREE!

The Rockets Game Features:
  • Defeat 40+ unique levels 
  • First 10 levels(+bonus) are free-to-play. (All other content can be unlocked through just one IAP)
  • Unlock bonuslevels
  • Captivating graphics
  • Upgrade & powerup elements
  • Google+ leaderboards/achievements
  • NO ADS
Download: The Rockets
DeveloperLocal Space

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