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Free App Day + Bonus $5.00 [08/Feb]: Rescue Me - The Adventures

Storms... fires... wild animals... Cute little people are in danger all around the world, and you are the only one who can save them. Your main recovery tool is... your finger! Catch them and drag them across the levels while avoiding burning buildings and dangerous animals. What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking! The Special bundle, and the mountaineer outfit, altogether worth $5.00 for FREE TODAY!

"...a genre defining puzzler with absolutely gorgeous graphics and an easy concept masterfully presented..." - Android Identity

"...a genre founding action puzzler that you simply shouldn't miss!" - Wait Android

"...it does make you feel like an almighty virtual God... certainly this is the best looking puzzler to date." - Touch Tap Play

Bonus: To unlock the promotion: shopping cart on main menu >> Coinshop >> 'Free Rescue Me Upgrades' (logo on top middle) >> promocode: appgratis

Rescue Me Game Higlights:
  • Casual action - innovative puzzle game with drag-and-drop controls and cute cartoon graphics.
  • Multiple settings - explore different regions - steaming jungles, crowded cities, underground caves, mysterious ruins...
  • Many challenges - save cute little people from hazardous situations, like fires, predators, wild storms... before time runs out!

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