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EaseUS Partition Manager Software [Review]

A partition manager is an essential software tool to have for anyone who owns a computer. A good partition manager is capable of performing a wide variety of tasks to maximize computer performance. However, not all partition manager software is created equal. Lesser quality partition managing software will lack important features thereby limiting the performance capabilities of your computer system. One of the best free partition managers is manufactured by EaseUS. It is free to download for those who are using it on their personal computers. Business have to pay, but they are also provided with more features making it more suitable for large scale applications. EaseUS's partition software is one of the most reliable partition managers and is used by 15 million people worldwide.

One of the main uses of a partition manager is to resize partition for windows 7 computer. Resizing the partition will allow for more space and also for faster performance. With the EaseUS partition manager resizing partitions is easy and effective. The partition software is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit computers running windows 7 or windows 8. In addition to being able to resize partitions the partition software can also create new partitions. Creating new partitions is important for a wide variety of applications. One of the more common uses of this feature is to allow Windows 8 to be installed alongside Windows 7. This allows for the option of selecting which operating system you wish to use upon starting the computer.

EaseUS's partition software also allows for the conversion of partitions from FAT to NTFS. FAT and NTFS are just different ways in which a hard drive can be formatted. Each has its advantages and disadvantages lending each to be more suitable for different purposes. The partition manager also allows for the extension of NTFS partitions without having to reboot the computer. This is a big time saver and a valuable tool. This partition manager software also allows the user to move partitions. Partitions can also be split or merged. This allows for greater control of your computers hard drive and is a valuable tool. Another useful feature included with EaseUS's partition manager is the ability to copy hard drives. This allows for a whole system backup to be made including the operating system. This is useful because it eliminates the need of having to reinstall an operating system when copying one hard drive onto another.

Working with partitions can be dangerous as it is easy to accidentally delete a partition. Fortunately, EaseUS's partition manager allows for the recovery of deleted partitions. This is a valuable tool as it allows for mistakes to be made. It is also useful for recovery lost files from partially damaged hard drives and disks. In addition to the partition manager software EaseUS also provides twenty-four hour support. This is helpful for large companies who choose to use the partition software for large scale IT applications. Having the twenty four hour support can be invaluable when unknown obstacles present themselves. EaseUS's excellent customer support professional software are among the leading reasons why their partition manger is one of the most used and most reliable making it one of the best free partition managers available.

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