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Airfoil Remotely Control Your Mac From Your iPhone

If there’s one app that can function like a remote control on a Mac to your iPhone, that’s Airfoil. It makes it possible for users to enjoy audio inputs without actually using the machine itself. It is always free to install the app on your Mac to benefit from a wireless audio. Many of its users were able to enjoy its great features that make it a handy application that you can use on your iPhone device. 

Enjoy a wireless audio using an iPhone control 
A Mac control volume can be installed on your iOS and it works on WiFi networks. After Airfoil installation, you can try sending audios from Mac and use the volume control through the iOS app. That’s a convenient wireless audio for you. Other than that, you can choose any other audio destinations; organize audio, video and some presentation applications from an iOS gadget to your Mac, which is a very convenient and useful feature. Airfoil app allows doing things all at the same time without the burden of carrying another device to manipulate your computer. Almost everyone carries an iPhone and iPod Touch as a handy tool to organize things the way a Mac does.

Before, there is no way to control a Mac through another device such as an iPhone or iPod. Today, life is so much easier, thanks to Airfoil app, you can even switch and toggle iTunes just by tapping the button of this app. It has a remote control to a new level, sending your favorite audios from your Mac and feeding them to your Airplay speakers, or to any other speaker you desire using Airfoil from your iPhone. Of course, you can stream directly from your iPhone to your speakers if you only have one speaker. Airplay on your iOS does not allow you to send to various destinations all at the same time, but you can do it from your Mac computer and control it from your iPhone. 

Fun features of the Airfoil App 
Airfoil app can control the volume, and turn your speakers on and off separately. You can just be happy going to iTunes and any music on your file. It is convenience at its best. The good thing about this app is it is universal, meaning you can also use an iPad wherever you are, even if you are on the patio and reading your favorite book. Audio and video streaming got so much better using the Airfoil app. Everything can happen all at the same time right where you want it to be.

So you have tried sending your music files to an Apple TV using Airplay, fine. A few guests arrived, and show videos on your screen using your iPhone, and you think that’s cool enough. Another friend shows up and shares some new songs found on the Radio, and you tried to pull it up on your Mac, but there is no way you can do it. Everyone seemed disappointed, but they have not seen the best yet. Airfoil app does the trick! Your iPhone and iPad can also serve as an Airport Express and your WiFi makes it possible. You just simply hook the device on the speakers, and everybody enjoys the music in no time. It’s like listening to some radio stations on a streamline. Airfoil is all about controlling your Mac using a wireless network.

As long as your devices are all connected to the same network, initiating a connection is quick. Even though you are just going around the dining area or sitting on the sala, adjusting a volume, skipping a track or fast forwarding, all can be done with a tap on your iPhone. This is what an Airfoil app can do. Mac and iPhone are powerful tools capable for a powerful connectivity and a high level of performance and is enhanced by apps such as Airfoil and any other software.

The guest post is made by Stacy Carter, a guest poster and technology writer. She covers news about PC software security, cell phone, Android and iPhone apps. She contributes towards that you can find on Twitter.