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Reliable and efficient business tools

Business tools now extend well beyond the realms of pen and paper. In fact, they now extend beyond the realms of your laptop. In order to get your brand up and noticed, you need to spend time letting people know it’s out there and balancing the books. It’s about communication and homework.

Whether you’re the owner of an SME, an entrepreneur or someone whose company has steadily built up over the years, getting on board the technology train is the next step, as the way we conduct business changes. Just as importantly, you need to know that the tools you use for the job are as reliable and efficient as possible. That way you can take care of business, whilst they take care of the nitty-gritty.

Get Talking
While communication might be the key, having that little extra edge can help you open doors far quicker. Rapportive isn’t just a cool name - it gives you an idea of what this nifty piece of software does. It creates common ground between you and the person you want to talk to. When you receive an email from that person, Rapportive shows you what they look like, where they are, details of their job and any recent interactions on social networking sites. Using this information, you can build up an instant connection, perhaps commenting on their latest Tweets, talking about their job or, if they’re in the area, sorting out an impromptu meeting.
Staying Ahead of the Game
However, there’s another aspect to communication that reflects just how prompt and thoughtful you can be. Getting the right email on the right desk at the right time is key. Given how busy you can be running a business, this isn’t always convenient, but there’s software out there that can help. Boomerang is a superb program that allows you to write an email and then queue it for sending, having chosen the exact time and date you want it to arrive. It’ll also send you a reminder if you don’t hear back by the time you expect to, so you can follow up any important contacts.
4G or not 4G?
It’s all very well having these efficient programs running – but you need the capacity to support them. CLEAR provides the latest incarnation of broadband (4G) to all web-enabled devices. What really sells it to entrepreneurs is that there’s no need to buy into long, expensive contracts. CLEAR is so convinced of the product that it offers flexible plans, with no additional charges. 4G will increase your upload and download speeds, creating greater efficiency, whether you’re in the office or on the go.
What is Fourth Generation (4G) Technology & Its Importance?

Business by Numbers
When it comes to watching your finances, there’s no more efficient and accurate product than QuickBooks. Intuit’s online accounting program offers everything you need to make sure that your money’s coming from and going to where it needs to be. Along with giving you real time information about your cash flow, QuickBooks also gives you the facility to create branded invoices, manage your accounts and even sent real time information to those important people, such as HMRC.

QuickBooks is used by over four million businesses worldwide, which must say something about just how reliable and efficient it is!