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Why You Should Not Choose Free Web Hosting For Your Baby Blog

So, the bug of blogging has bitten you and you are restless to publish the first post in your baby and beloved blog that you have just booked. Buying a domain comes cheap but the same does not applicable when it comes to hosting the same website. Well, you may argue that there are some cheap web hosting services on the offer and some of them even did not ask you money to get your website hosted. So, that does mean, the day of paid hosting is drawing its inevitable ending. Nope, there is no such thing near in sight. Not convinced yet, well in that case may I ask you to check some of the blog hosted for free? Do a little market survey and you will be in for a surprise. In majority of cases, the free hosted blogs offer poor users experience as the hosting sites heap ads on them and there are some ugly pop-ups that can make your skin crawl in disgust. So, free hosting is not an option any more, however, if you are still unwilling to cooperate and wish to stick to your guns, here is something that can make you rethink:
Ads and Bad neighbors: Yes, I was just discussing the bad ads that come with free hosting sites. Since they are earning their breads by placing ads irrespective of the nature and theme of the blogs, it can cost your blogs dearly. Apart from inviting Google’s penalty for poor users’ experience, you can make your readers offended in some cases when the pop up shows up something related to escort service. Moreover, since you are using free hosting, chances will be there that your blog is sharing space with some really bad sites like adult or gambling sites. So, think twice before you jump onto the bandwagon on blogging and putting your trust on bad neighborhood sites. My humble request to you, just grab some discount coupons on westhost, yahoo or any other reliable web hosting service provider and you will in luck.

Outrage: When you are going for free hosting; you can be sure of one thing that your blog will not be up and running 24x7. Occasional server outrage is quite common with this free service and since you are not paying a penny for using this service, you should not expect immediate relief from this nagging thing. You may lose your valuable visitors and sometimes, it can cost online visibility of your website to a great extent. Search engine bot may crawl your website just when it is down for maintenance and if it remains down forever, you can see drastic fall in ranking for sure.

Bandwidth Limit: Since your blog is a new entrant in the blogosphere, bandwidth limit should not be a concern. Sound perfectly correct right? Wrong your blog may be young but that does not mean that it cannot get thousands of visitors. You just need to make your post go viral and there you go. You blog will be kicking and thriving like anything else and what else you could have wished for. So, it is better if you go for paid web hosting thing as it will give your blog enough opportunity to thrive and expand.

So, I hope, now you can see the dark side of choosing a free hosting service for your blog and moreover, paid hosting service is not that much costly. There are some discount coupons available on some premium hosting services like .. . So do not shot in the leg by making the wrong decision and have a happy blogging career.

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