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Getting started with Windows 8 in Virtual box [How To]

Windows 8 developer preview is out. Well to start with I will say that don't try using it unless you don't have a system memory of minimum 3 GB. Since I haven't tested it on a separate partition but on virtual machines , Windows 8 is really painful to use. Here I will give you a quick guide to installing windows 8 on virtual box. I am assuming that you have Virtual Box version 4 and Windows 8 (click this link to download)32 bit iso file downloaded.

Step 1: First fire up VirtualBox, Click “New”.

Step 2: Now follow the Wizard, and Click “Next”.

Step 3: Here you want to make sure select “Other Windows” as the Version.

Step 4: Give it a 2GB of RAM (more if you wish)

Step 5: Select “Create new hard disk” and make sure “Start-up Disk” is checked.

Step 6: And it’s always a good idea to select the native “VDI” format for VirtualBox

Step 7: It’s also a good idea to make the disk “Dynamically allocated

Give it enough hard drive space for your own needs, you can always change this number later

>> Create the new Virtual Disk. And Go ahead power on the new VM. You will see the below Wizard after first power on.

Now let the Windows 8 fly in the Virtual world.

Very soon you will see this License term agreement. Accept whatever Microsoft wants you to accept, at this point why even bother. Click OK OK OK to further complete the setup.

Now this is new to Windows 8, every machine, every user will need to use Windows Live ID to log-in into the machine. This way your new Windows 8 is now tight together with the cloud, and will be the foundation for many of the future apps to work.


Article Posted By: Abhinav Singh [ Security Section ]
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