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How To Export Google +1 Links As Bookmarks

Google+ keeps a record of all the web pages that you have marked as +1. It means that you can use this feature of Google PLUS as a bookmarks. And the best part is that you can now export Google +1 links as bookmarks.
Yes, it means that you can take all the links that you marked as +1 and use them as your bookmarks for the web browser that you use. We would be guiding you step by step to do this.

Steps To Export Google +1 Links As Bookmarks
  • To do this, we would be accessing Google Takeout which is actually a service which lets you save data from Google products
  • There click on the Choose Services tab and then click on the Google + 1 service so that it saves all the links of +1 pages
  • Now, click on the Create Archive button which would actually pile up all your +1 links into a package where you get to use them as bookmarks
  • And then click on the Download button which would ask for your verification. Once done, it will download the zip archive on your computer which could be used by you the way you want
This is how you can make the best of Google +1 feature. If you know any such interesting trick, do share with us

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