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3 Best Alternatives To Netflix

Recently, Netflix boosted up their prices and this resulted as disappointment among the current users. And the first thought that popped among those users was, “What? Higher prices? Shall we stop watching movies or what”. Since this is not going to happen in this life, how about checking our other best and cheaper alternatives to Netflix.

Yes, there are number of services available which would cater to your needs and would surely let you forget Netflix. If you are happy with Netflix, then you must read the post as it might change your mind and if you are not happy with it, you NEED TO read this as you aren’t going to stop watching movies.

3 Best Alternatives To Netflix

This is way cheaper than Netflix and its interesting pricing schemes. If you were not aware of the fact that Amazon is into video streaming service, then Amazon Prime would surely add to your options. You can either go with its yearly($79), monthly($6.50) and pay per view pricing($3.99) schemes. But when you arepaying less, you have to compromise with the video quality.

Apple TV is not exactly a pure alternative to Netflix but surely feeds your hunger to watch TV Shows and movies. If you have a high end TV, then this $99 priced black box would do magic. You get to to rent HD movies for $3.99 and a single TV show episode would cost you $0.99.

Hulu Plus is heavily inclined towards TV shows than movies. But they are doing well in terms of improvement in their movie database. With monthly price of $7.99, Hulu Plus streams full TV shows of current and old seasons. It lets you access it on PS3, Xbox 360, Roku, Android, iPad, iPhone, which makes it a portable service. Although it is one of the standout service when it comes to online streaming, but the fact that it forces you to watch so many commercials, might make you think.

Apart from the above mentioned video streaming services, there are number of other Netflix alternatives are also available. Below are some of them,

  • HBO GO
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