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Google Play Store 6.5.08 Update Available for Free with Bug Fixes and Improvements

Google Play Store app for Android devices has received a new update. With the new version, the 6.5.08, users receive lots of bug fixes and improvements when it comes to performance. Thousands of people have already downloaded it and it seems that they are pretty satisfied. Many have been disappointed because there have been no additions to the visual part, but there are more important fixes here, like the increased speed and overall stability, which are far more important than the design.

The new APK can be downloaded for free, and it only has 15.28 MB. Thankfully, it works for all the devices that have Android 4.0 or a newer version, be it smartphone or a tablet. If you haven’t received the update yet, don’t panic! It takes a while until it reaches all the phones, but if you really are curious about the new improvements, you can just download the APK and install it on your own, instead of waiting until the automatic update takes place.
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