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Metal Slug Defense 1.0.2 Android Game APK

Metal Slug Defense Android game update with fixed connection loss issues during WiFi battles. Now WiFi battles will keep playing until they end even if a player has left the game. This is a great mobile version of the Metal Slug experience, addictive, fun and well suited for a touchscreen. The sound was finally fixed! Enjoying the nostalgic feel hearing those iconic sound effects while trying to crush your enemies base. You can play through the game and have a good time whatever you do.

Metal Slug Defense is a hard game. A very challenging but also very fun strategy game that makes excellent use of the Metal Slug name and assets. Gameplay is very simple and easy to grasp. Game difficulty varies and provides entertainment for casual to hardcore gamers alike. You can finish in about a week on trips to and from work though. You can unlock your standard characters from the games, but you must pay for the bigger guns (slugs, more troops, etc.). You can earn everything they offer in shop winning WiFi battle.

Don't worry about people complaining about difficulty, just replay areas a few times. In order to rescue the p.o.w you have to keep playing the mission over and over till you rescue them all. so basically all you have to do is to keep on replaying the same stage over and over in order to rescue them all and once you rescue them all, move on to the next stage level and repeat with the same process.

Metal Slug Defense is a great game overall. Excellent game that had fused the units and character of the Metal Slug series with the tower defense gameplay really well. It is a good game that will makes you want to play the originals. It has all the great Metal Slug atmosphere with a twist of a defense game and a fair point system. It brings back memories, and the online vs matches great addiction. Everything looks beautifully and runs smoothly. Good graphics, easy how to play and addictive, it's totally worth it!

Requires Android: 2.3.3+

Download File: 22MB (Metal Slug Defense 1.0.2 APK)

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