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All Custom Android ROMs Database 2.0

A senior developer over at XDA Developer's Forum has built a very handy custom ROM database that lets you compare the features of various custom ROMs at a glance. Here is the link to the database 2.0

Features of the database:
  • Detailed list of all possible custom ROM feaures (~100 at the moment, constantly growing)
  • Containing 13 of the most popular ROMs + stock Android ROM + Xposed Framework to compare with each other (list is still growing)
  • A lot of useful additional informations like links to downloads, ROM's websites, G+ communities and much more
  • Everything is sorted logically and color coded for fast and easy comparison
  • All features have a quick explanation, expecially helpful for custom ROM beginners
  • A lot of maintainers to keep it updated as good as possible (12 maintainers at the moment) - always looking for more, feel free to join
  • Constantly working on improving and enhancing the database

Source: XDA Developers