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Introducing a Tool to Generate a Facebook Cover

In this article I’m going to introduce a tool with which you can handily generate a Facebook Cover. For those that are not technically minded, you’ll be pleased to hear that this program is accessible to those that can use a browser – it’s not complicated.

What Is It?
Make a Cover for Facebook by Athena IT Limited is a cool handy little web-app that takes the complexity out of the Facebook Cover making process. The previous options that you could take when deciding to make your own Facebook cover was somewhat limiting if you were not a graphic designer: you could use a photograph or grab a Facebook Cover off a website.

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How Does It Generate A Cover?
Athena’s Make A Cover for Facebook ‘spoon feeds you’ through the design process, therefore it’s impossible to ‘mess up’ your design or creative something that resembles a children’s painting. The first decision that you’ll need to make when generating your Facebook Cover is which character you wish to work with – each character has its own set of objects and as such, you’re character selection will somewhat influence the creation process when you generate a Facebook Cover collage.

With that said, if you don’t like your selection or the character that you’ve selected to generate a Facebook Cover it’s easy enough to go back and modify your selections.

Cost of Make A Cover for Facebook? Free.
As with most of the internet, perhaps it goes without saying that this app with which to make a cover for Facebook is completely free – indeed, the application doesn’t even add a watermark to your images. However, by licence you are restricted to using your creations for Facebook covers only.

Other Useful Information Regarding This Cover App
As you would expect with a tool designed to generate Facebook Covers, you are able to set your generated cover as your Facebook cover with a single click of a button (assuming your logged into Facebook.)

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Perhaps what you wouldn’t necessarily expect is that you are able to export your generated Facebook cover as a PNG file to your computer for further editing and amending – this might be useful to some people. However, those who are security conscious will like the fact that they are able to manually apply a Facebook Cover themselves rather than have a Facebook app do it on their behalf.