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How To Transform Android Tablet Into An Old Macintosh Plus

A crafty developer has pulled together the Mini vMac emulator for Android tablets that allows Mac OS to be installed to an SD card for use on the device. Originally posted in the X8 forums, this will work on nearly every Android device. So take a look at the forum thread if you’re intrigued.

Screenshots of Running Mini vMac on Android

Follow the relatively simple steps below to get up and running:

Step 1: Head on over to the Play Store and download the Mini vMac application.

Step 2: Download your very own copy of the Mac Plus operating system.

Step 3: Open up your favorite file manager and navigate to the SD card on the device. Create a new folder and name it minivmac (/sdcard/minivmac).

Step 4: Find the downloaded Mac Plus operating system and extract all of the files to the newly created minivmac folder on the SD card.

Step 5: Open the app drawer on the device and run the vMac.apk file before pressing the Menubutton on the device and selecting Insert Disk.

Step 6: Tap on 896K to boot the Mac Plus operating system.

Step 7: Tap the Menu button on the device and select the Scale option to run the software in full-screen mode for the best possible experience.

It may not actually allow you to do a great deal or act as a fully-functional old-school operating system but it’s extremely interesting to see the roots of OS X and play a few classic games in the process. After all, who wants to sit and look at those shiny polished Android visuals all the time?

NOTE: Do it on your own risk, follow Forum to know more.

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