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5 Android apps that serve as great mind-mapping tools

A mind map is basically used to present information in visually. Generally, mind maps are based on a single key thought, which placed in a center and different afterthoughts in the forms of and ideas, notes, tasks, concepts are added to it. These are great tools for students, corporates or anyone and everyone, who wants to put his or her ideas on paper and organize it. Today, there are a number of mind-mapping apps available on various online app stores, to make your work easier. 

Let’s look at some of Android apps that serve as great mind-mapping tools for the users.

MindMeister (mind mapping):
If you are using a mind-mapping app for the very first time, then MindMeister should be the first app that you must try. Use it to create, edit and share your mind maps on your Android device and synchronize your maps with a free online service of the same name.

The app consists of a simple and intuitive interface that lets you choose from a variety of icons, colors, styles and themes to create and edit unlimited mind maps and folders. It also offers “Geistesblitz” – a feature that lets you quickly insert ideas in your maps without any hassle.

And that’s not all, you can manage your ‘Favorite’ maps and share them with others directly from your device. Also, there is no need to worry about losing your data, since it backs up all your maps with its online service.

Mindjet for Android:
Mindjet for Android is the best way to visually capture and organize your important information. It is a comprehensive app that lets you note ideas during brainstorming sessions, track your tasks and allows you to add attachments, links and extra information to your notes.

This app consists of some of the best features like – an intuitive menu, styling options, priority markets, gesture shortcuts, relationships and tools. You can even tag your notes using keywords for organizing and sorting your Mindjet files for quick access to the mind maps created.

Additionally, you can sync your Mindjet files with your Dropbox account and access them from anywhere, using any device.

MindBoard Lite Free:
If you are more into drawing free-hand for creating your mind-maps, then MindBoard is a must-have app to install on your device. This fun and intuitive Android app lets you easily create your map without the need of a virtual keyboard. After creating your maps, you can export them as PDF files or even save them to your Gallery to review and share them with others.

SimpleMind mind mapping:
SimpleMind provides a number of interesting features to its users, which makes it one of the most comprehensive mind mapping apps for the users. For instance, some of the main features of this app are - an intuitive interface, which makes it easy for you to create and edit your mind maps; a Word wrap tool that allows you to easily adjust topic width; the option to switch quickly between various predefined visual styles; multiple editing options; native integrated Dropbox support etc.

So, use it to turn your Android device into a mind mapping tool for brainstorming, collecting your ideas, structuring your thoughts and much more!

Idea Tree:
Arrange your ideas hierarchically using Idea Tree – a mind-mapping app with a unique interface. This app allows you create, keep a track of and manage your to-do lists in a ‘tree view’ (with parent nodes and sub nodes); add phone numbers, email addresses and even texts; move items up and down in the list so that you can reorganize everything on the ‘idea tree’ according to your requirement. And that’s not all, this app also allows you to password protect your maps.

To Conclude
So, these were some of the best Android apps that work as great mind-mapping tools. You can search for them and download them from Google Play and use them on your Android device to maximize organize ideas.

Author Bio: Logan Marra is an Android Application Developer at San Jose California and has worked towards creating client-oriented Android apps for He likes to take an active part in discussing the latest technology on various forums with fellow developers. He also likes to share his thoughts on various topics via his write-ups on guest-blogging platforms.