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Everything You Need to Know About Undelete Software

So, you accidentally deleted a file from your Windows based computer? Or while removing some unnecessary items from your system, you accidentally deleted an important folder? Well, don’t panic as you are not the only one who made these blunders! Many like you make this mistake in their day to day working with computers and suffer data loss but no more sufferings now. Today, with the availability of third-party undelete software, you can recover your deleted files/folders/data. Yes, undelete tools are there to help you out to recover your accidentally deleted data as well as data which is lost due to unexpected formatting of your system. However, you all might think that how can an undelete software recover data which is deleted permanently from your system? Or what mechanism an undelete tool uses to recover data which is lost completely from your system?

Well, it is a common misconception that once data is deleted, is lost forever! Deleted files or data are not removed completely from the hard drive of your computer instead pointer associated to that file only gets deleted. Since, pointer is responsible for successful accessing of a file by the Operating System (OS) thus this file becomes inaccessible by the OS and thus OS marks the space occupied by this file as free to use. These undelete tools scan the hard drive of your computer for all the free space and extract data from there. At such situation, if you start saving new files on your system then it is quite possible that these new files overwrite the deleted files. Once a file is overwritten then it becomes impossible even by the most efficient undelete software to recover it. Therefore, in order to perform successful recovery, it is recommended to stop using the affected hard drive immediately.

There are bunch of undelete software's available separately for Windows & MAC OS based computers whereas you can use any one depending on your needs. Remember, you may face difficulties while hunting for such a really good software that can rescue the desired files without any hassle. You can switch over to popular website known as Top Ten Review, where the top software are listed with full specifications and insights details.

These Undelete Software has very intuitive user interface by which a non technical user too can perform recovery of his/her deleted data. Moreover, the software can recover data which is lost due to formatting of Windows partition/s. The software supports recovery of 185 file types and can recover files/folders/data which is lost even from other secondary storage media like USB drives, external hard drives, pen drives, etc. The software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server2003, XP, 2000, and NT.

To analyze the software you can download its free demo version initially however for actual recovery you have to purchase the license of the software which bears reasonable cost.

This post was written by: Abhay

Abhay is a tech writer and professional adviser for computer hardware and software problems, currently working with Stellar Data Recovery, well known name in the field of providing quality Undelete Software and Services.

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