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Are You Ready To Skate The Streets With Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD?

When you play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, your mind will skate down the Tony Hawk arcade memory lane. It remains faithful to the original version, and has a feel-good factor. But in a sense that’s also the downside because not a whole lot of new stuff has been included in it.

It’s great fun to skate but there are some impossible actions included here; like if you fall onto a rail from 40 feet above, or run into it, you will still grind on it. If you try to skate on the walls, you might find it a tad difficult, though.

You may need some time learning the ropes, but once you get the hang of it, you will find the going real smooth.

In the single player career mode, you get two minutes to complete as many tasks as you can out of the given 10. Collect the floating ‘SKATE’ letters, knock down barrels, grind across choppers, find DVDs and do a lot more, quite like the original game. The 2 minute deadline really gets your adrenaline rushing; this old fashioned method of testing your skills and going up levels is absolutely a bang on.

When you complete missions, you earn money; spend it on new and improved skateboards and enhance your statistics. One of the new features available is the 360 avatar.

To help you get your collectibles, a map will be displayed when you ‘Pause’ the game, showing where you can find them. But it’s not updated with the game, so you still have to sweat it out once in a while.

A great advantage with this game is that you can play it for a whole hour if you want to, but can also have a quick go at it during commercials in your prime time show.

Hardcore gaming fans may dismiss this as being too little; just 7 levels of progressively increasing difficulty. Also, once you unlock the last level, nothing much remains for you to do; unless you replay the whole game over and over, taking on the roles of different characters.

There are a few new modes:

  • Online multiplayer
  • In one mode your head gets bigger and bigger; you lose when it pops off! When you score points, your head shrinks. (Pinocchio?)
  • Hawkman mode: There are icons everywhere on the level and you can collect them by performing some trick in the area, and it depends on the color of the collectible.

Most of all, remember that there is no other game which has such classic skating action, so if you like to skate, then Tony Hawk is the way to go. Are you ready?

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