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5 Ways Cell Phone Monitoring Software Is Essential for Corporate Security

Cell phones have reformed the way corporate world communicates today. At the same time, they have posed numerous security challenges for IT teams. From an unintended malware installation to a more organized hacking and social engineering plan, from an unintended email recipient to a sinister information-sharing with competitors, the challenges are real and critical. Cell phone monitoring software have immensely helped IT teams to track and bust such efforts.

Once a cell phone monitoring software is installed on a target phone, it keeps track of the GPS location, calls, text messages, applications, internet navigation, and corporate email account. The logs are uploaded to a secure website for the manager to see. It is perfectly legal under most state and federal laws in US. Here are 5 ways this software can help you cope with corporate security challenges:

Avoids malware, spyware, Trojans, and viruses:
Most of the security breaches start with installation of seemingly ‘innocent’ and ‘free’ malware and spyware. Once installed, these applications can covertly log your surfing habits, email account, and even your passwords to a person outside the organization causing severe harm to business. With Cell phone monitoring software, you can track the installation of any unauthorized application on the cell phone.

Offers robust Location Management:
It is very important to know that your employees are exactly at the place where they are supposed to be. Is your salesman actually visiting the customer or is he regularly meeting one of your competitors? This can be a potential security breach if you don’t monitor the location of your key employees with your cell phone tracking software.

Offers Message and Call Tracking:
Most of the information, today, is shared with short phone calls and text messages. For example, your latest sales bid might land in the hands of your competitor via an SMS from one of your employees. He will simply delete the SMS or call log from his phone. If you don’t use a cell phone tracking software, you have hardly any chances to listen to the call or check the SMS.

Manages corporate email account:
It is one of the lesser-used method of information sharing. Nevertheless being the most unsuspected one, you also need to monitor official emails should you feel the need to do so.

Logs harmful web surfing:
Many web links will look harmless on first sight. However, they may act as the gateway of information for the vicious outsider. Block his way with your cell phone tracking software.

We know that it took you a lot of money, time and risk to create your business. There is no point to risk it when there is an application that allows you to protect it easily and discreetly from any bad elements in your company.

About The Author: Brian Coulter is a Latest Mobile Technology enthusiast and author of Cell Phone Monitoring Software. Brian also writes about exciting and informative discoveries on mobile development.