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How to use iOS or Android mobile as a PC mouse using Mobile Mouse?

There are so many tasks that you can do on your Android Smartphone. And here is one more that you can add to the list of those enjoyable activities. Yes, you can now use your Android mobile as a mouse, wireless remote or a track pad. It makes life so easy when you have the privilege of replacing your computer mouse with your Android phone. All you need to do is just sit back on your cozy couch and click on your Android phone to carry out your favorite online tasks. With this feature, browsing, photo sharing, listening to music, and even watching online videos can be even more exciting as you are going to hit every click on a wireless device. Thus, the wireless feature of Android phones gives you more control and flexibility. Very similar to what you get from Mac, you can control all web applications with ease using a Mobile Mouse (Android phone).

The main features of the free version of the Android Mobile Mouse include Touch pad support for the entire screen and for the landscape modes, Remotely accessible keyboard, On screen typing features plus extra password protection options, Customizable settings, Right and left buttons on either sides of the screen, Multi-touch gestures, Foreign language supporting options, Supports both Bonjour and static IP, and Instant applications notifications.

There are two main components of a Mobile Mouse. They are:
  • Mobile Mouse Server for PC
  • Mobile app for iPhone/iPod or Android phones
Steps to use iOS or Android mobile as a PC mouse using Mobile Mouse
First, install the free version of the Mobile Mouse Server on your system. Once the installation is done, you can find the Mobile Mouse Server icon on the menu bar or taskbar (check the notification area). Once you find the icon, then it means that the Mobile Mouse Server is ready to be configured. After the configuration is done, you may turn your focus to the mobile’s next app.

Mobile Mouse Lite for iOS and Android can be used as a wireless mouse and a keyword. The accessing can be done via your tablet or phone’s touchscreen. The top half of the touchscreen can be used as a virtual mouse giving enough space for your fingers. And the buttons on the right and left side of the touchscreen can be used to scroll and click to access web applications. 

If you want only the basic applications then this would be sufficient for you. However, if you want sophisticated features like web presentations, remote functions for media, and file browser then you need to upgrade to the Pro version of the mobile mouse. Along with the Pro version, you will also get a manual that will have a step-by-step explanation of the settings and usage. 

Free versions of the Mobile Mouse Server can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you want to use the same mobile mouse for more than one system, then you need to ensure that the systems share a common Wi-Fi network. This won’t be a difficult task because everything in the network including the Mobile Mouse is going to be wireless.
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