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Compress 1GB of data into 10MB with KGB Archiver

The all new KGB Archiver is an open source software it is said that it can compress 1GB file(Data) to 10MB file. It uses PAQ6 algorithm which has AES-256 powerful encryption. It is available for both Windows and Linux operating system. Compression ratio of this software is very high. Due to high compression levels, time to compress a file goes high as the size of the file increases and compression ratio may vary depending on the format of the file.

The KGB compression format makes a fool of the famous 7z and RAR by managing a compression ratio that is really high even in formats that are already compressed like JPEG images and DivX files. According to various standard tests, the compression ratio improves nearly 20% in comparison with its direct competitors.
“We recommend this software as a must have iff you have a high configuration system”
  • Supports native .kgb files and .zip files
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Able to create self-extracting archives.
  • Multilingual supports like Arabic, German, Greek, Japanese, Spanish many more.
  • Unicode is supported in both User Interface and File Systems.
  • An Explorer shell extension is available for the Windows version.
  • Make Password protected compressed file.
File compressed by KGB Archiver save with own extension and at the time of decompression it automatically recognizes the file format. The only limitation of KGB archiver is, decompressed file cannot be open or extract with other compression software.

Download KGB Archiver: Click Here

  • This KBG Archiver software cannot compress video format files.
  • If you are compressing any file with KGB archiver and sending the comprssed file to your friends then he must have KBG archiver installed on his computer to decompress the file.
Guest Post By: Mazhar Syed from Geekypedia

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