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How to get Facebook timeline for Fan/Brand Page

Facebook announced on Wednesday morning that Timeline is now live for the first time for some organizations that use Pages, In this article we will show you How to enable Timeline for your Fanpage.If you don't switch your page to New timeline It will automatically switch to new look at 30 march 2012. In past we shown how to activate Timeline to your profile. see our Official Fan Page with new Timeline: New Techie
Facebook administrators also have a shiny new Admin Panel to play around with. An admin panel hides or expands on command, meaning you don’t have to navigate to a separate page to make changes, updates or improvements. The panel includes notifications of activity on your Page and chart-based performance data. One of the most significant changes, which you can see in the screenshot below....

How to Enable Facebook Timeline for Fan page:

Step 1: Login to your Facebook Account.
Step 2: Goto
Step 3: Now you will See that all your Pages. click on "Turn on Preview" front of page title. (image below)

Step 4: Now you just viewed Howz your Page look in Time Line.
  • Follow Steps to Customize and Publish your Page Timeline:
  1. Click on Cover Art to Add Cover Image to your Page, Make Your Facebook Timeline More Attractive with Timeline Cover.
  2. Final Action to Publish your page Timeline, Just click on "Publish Now" Button (see image)
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