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Free App Day + Bonus $4.99 [12/Feb]: iFeel Free - Mood Diary

IFeel allows you to record your daily mood, a photo, a video, the weather, and a description of your day. You can go back in time and see how many times you were happy, sad or in love...and much more!

IFeel is a kind of personal diary, which, thanks to its simple interface, allows you to take a quick look at your past and present life. You will often find that there are more positive moments than negative ones!

Register your day is a really simple and fast operation. In a few moments you can save your mood, a brief description of your day, the weather, a photo, a video and much more!

You can also define for each year your favorite days.

Share your day everywhere (to any social network, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and to other applications).

You can backup your data, and restore it in case you change your device.

"i Feel Free - mood diary" is the free version of "iFeel - mood diary". This app could have ads. To remove ads, download the complete version.
The complete version has all emoticon packs for free!

BONUS: Unlock 2 Icon Packs and the ad-free version of iFeel
  • Click on "+" button, then "Settings" and finally "Redeem code". 
  • Try to use this code: appgratis
Download: iFeel
Developer: Riccardo Chiarini

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