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Galaxy Note Pro, Tab Pro series finally get release dates

On Tuesday, Samsung announced U.S availability dates for the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro series of tablets. These four tablets, first introduced at CES, can be pre-ordered now and will begin arriving on Feb. 13, the company announced.

Pre-orders began at midnight ET, Feb. 4 from Samsung.com, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon (Note Pro, Tab Pro), Tigerdirect.com, PC Richard and Sons, Fry’s, and Newegg.com.

These are not cheap 7-inch tablets by any means, showing that Samsung is not ready to cede high-end tablet sales to Apple's iconin iPad. Instead, the Galaxy Note Pro, for example, runs $749.99 in 32GB form. Full pricing structure:
  • Note Pro 12.2: $749.99 (32 GB), $849.99 (64 GB)
  • Tab Pro 12.1: $649.99 (32 GB)
  • Tab Pro 10.1: $499.99 (16 GB)
  • Tab Pro 8.4: $399.99 (16 GB)
We'd expect to see discounts in the future, but for now, even Tigerdirect.com and Amazon.com only have MSRP pricing.

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