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Free App Day [05/Feb]: Overdroy (Puzzle Platform)

Overdroy is a game that mix the traditional platform style with puzzles. The player assumes the role of Droy, a friendly robot on wheels who must face the most diverse challenges to collect their precious gears over 54 levels full of dangers and riddles.

The difficulty gradually increases in each new conquest, testing the most your reflex and skills to make quick and accurate decisions.

Playing Style:
Inspired in successful platform games (such as Super Mario Bros., Sonic, Lost Vikings, etc.), Overdroy also adds casual gaming features, while offering plenty of fast-paced action and adventure. The game also makes use of a bit of physics rules, with realistic motions and gravitational effects.

If you like insane challenges, Overdroy must surely be included in your list of favorite apps!

Overdroy offers three simple and intuitive options to control Droy, respecting all different screen sizes and resolutions: Static (traditional virtual buttons), Dynamic (detects touchs and slides) and Hybrid (mix the two previous controls).

The "dynamic" option is a relatively innovative approach to touchscreens. To move Droy, just tap on the left side of the screen and drag in direction you want to go, keeping your finger pressed until you want to stop the robot.

Overdroy Features:
  • Indie game made ​​by just one person (programming, art, design and soundtrack);
  • 54 challenging levels over 3 worlds;
  • Addictive gameplay;
  • 3 controls options easy to learn and use;
  • Supports three languages​​: English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese;
  • Concepts of physics that add more realism to the traditional platform style;
  • Fantastic skills acquired through the levels;
  • Achievements system;
  • Leaderboards;
  • Store with special items (checkpoints, force field, second chance, among others);
  • Supports 30 or 60fps (the best option for your device is automatically selected in the first run, and can be changed later in the settings) ;
  • Engaging sound and music;
  • High quality graphics;
  • Xperia Play optimized;
  • Gamepad / joystick support;
  • Free to play!
Download: Overdroy
DeveloperRoberto T. Fauri

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