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Free App Day [28/Jan]: The Cleaner

An unexplained phenomenon always happens at my place: my socks disappear completely(never the pair though, just the one sock), and in return, dust appears everywhere, even if my house is more boarded-up than a nuclear bunker.

The Cleaner can't bring socks back from the dark depths of the universe, but it can clean up those dusty corners of your phone. It analyses your phone to find any redundant files, clears them up, and in consequence, makes everything work faster. Really useful to make some extra memory available! Best of all? It's completely FREE!

  • Free device's memory (RAM) and boost your phone by killing redundant background tasks
  • Free up your phone's storage and keep your privacy by deleting junk files (apk files, cache, SD card)
  • Save your phone's battery life by killing redundant processes
  • Schedule automatic maintenance checks and keep your device always running fast
  • Customize the interface with your favourite theme
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Developer: Mirmay Limited

The app is FREE so give it a try! Please don't forget to leave us a rating.

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