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Download Default Wallpapers of Google Moto X on Your Android Smartphones

Google Moto X smartphone has deliciously vibrant and beautiful stock images for wallpaper, its background. Now these stock wallpapers can be set up for any Android device. These are 16 default images of Google Moto X Flagship below.

How to get Moto X wallpapers as Default in your Android Device?
  1. Download the Stock/ Default Wallpapers of Moto X to your Laptop/System. (To Download just Click on any Wallpaper below and right click and select "Save Image as..." or Download Complete Package )
  2. Connect your phone to the computer with the help of original USB cable and Get into the Mass Storage Mode.
  3. Put Downloaded Wallpapers in you device SD Card.
  4. In your Device use any file explorer, navigate to the wallpaper which you wish to set.
  5. From menu select Set as..wallpaper. :)


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