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Free App Day [23/Sep]: Backgammon

Backgammon is a game of skill and strategy and one of the world's classic parlour games, played for recreation and as a gambling game. Like Mahjong, this is a game that is played in social groups in coffee houses and bars. Historically variants of this game are believed to have originated in Egypt over 3000 years ago, but was picked up by the Romans and then later to India. It also spread to east Asia, but was then largely replaced by Xiangqi (Chinese chess). It is now very popular in the west.

Product Features:
  • Select moves easily with the clean, intuitive interface
  • Challenge yourself to topple the excellent AI or play a human opponent in two player mode
  • Get hints, statistics, and clearly highlighted legal moves
  • Choose to play single or multiple rounds and use a doubling cube
  • Use features like the "Undo" button and "Manual Dice input" option for greater control

Product Description
  • Play the ancient tables game of skill, strategy, and luck on your phone with Backgammon. This version of the game is full-featured and free of advertisements, with challenging AI, pass-and-play multiplayer, and a host of helpful options.
  • The uncluttered, attractive interface of Backgammon makes it easy for experienced players to jump right in and new players to learn the ropes. A helpful "How to Play" link on the home page runs you through playing and choosing game-play settings for Backgammon with your phone's controls. From there you can read the rules if you are unsure of how the game itself is played.

Developer Info
AI Factory are specialists in developing quality traditional and casual games, all with high-caliber AI, for mobiles, PC and consoles.

Technical Details
  • Size: 3.8MB
  • Version: 1.731
  • Developed By: AI Factory Limited
  • Minimum Operating System: Android 1.5

Customer Reviews:
Amazon: 4.1/5
Play Store: 4.2/5