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Microsoft Excel Interview Questions Series - Part 3 [Interview Question]

Microsoft Excel 2013 is one of the most powerful tools in office 2013 and a candidate having an overall awareness of excel 2013 is definitely a boon to a busy office. The questions on this section are written from the eyes of an interviews who want candidate with an overall awareness.
If you are preparing for an interview, it is advised to go through all questions and practical questions. Based on your current skill level you don’t even need to try simple questions. But there will be all kind of questions presented here.

Each article on Microsoft Excel Interview Questions Series contains 5 questions and its explanations. Some of them are just theory questions and some of them may be like a logical question. That needs to be implemented in real time. Questions from all areas of excel 2013 like formulas, VBA, macros, charts, templates; dashboards are covered here and tried to group by same nature. Sometimes questions are intermixed and no specific order is followed.

Question 11: How to split a string based on a delimiter?

Answer: We need a variable of variant data-type to hold the result. Then we can use ‘split’ command with a delimiter to split the sentence.

Dim values as variant
values =split( “this is a sentense”,” “)

here delimiter is space ” “. After execution, values(0) will have value ‘this’ . alues(1) will have value ‘is’.values(3) will have value ‘sentense’

Question 12: How to hide a worksheet so that somebody can’t unhide it?

Answer: We know that by setting ‘visible’ property of a sheet to true or false, we can hide an excel sheet. by Using Sheet’s visible property “xlSheetVeryHidden” we can hide it permanently . if we want to hide a sheet named “my_sheet”, please execute a vba code Sheets(“my_sheet”).Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden. it will super hide your worksheet of the workbook

Question 13: What is events in excel and give some sample events in excel?

Answer: Events are actions performed by users action or by other VBA code. ‘Event procedures’ are subroutines which are triggered at the time of events. Example of events will be ‘activating a sheet’, ‘closing a workbook’, ‘changing a value in cell’ ect. We can write macro which needs to run every time these event happens in excel

Question 14: How to find last used row in excel sheet?

Answer: First we have to identify a column where there is no empty cell in the column.

  1. Then select any cell in the colum .
  2. Press down the’cntrl’ key
  3. And press ‘down arrow.
The last cell in the column will be selected automatically. Instead of pressing the down key, if we press the ‘right arrow’ it will be on the last column. The same feature incan be acheived in VBA using following command

range(Selection, Selection.End(xlToRight)).Select
range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select

Question 15: What are the different type of protection available in excel 2013?

Answer: Excel gives many kind of protection. We can protect the excel file itself from viewing using a password. Apart from this, we can protect each of the sheets from viewing or being edited we can protect sheets being edited by only certain persons. Other can do whatever they wanted. we can protect a row, column, cell being edited. we can protect our macro logic also from viewing by others using a password

Microsoft Excel Interview Questions Series

NOTE: If you have any doubt in any question feel free to comment, if you like these questions please share with your friend and if you have any question that we need to be consider in our question series, share with us.