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Microsoft Excel Interview Questions Series - Part 4 [Interview Question]

Microsoft Excel 2013 is one of the most powerful tools in office 2013 and a candidate having an overall awareness of excel 2013 is definitely a boon to a busy office. The questions on this section are written from the eyes of an interviews who want candidate with an overall awareness.
If you are preparing for an interview, it is advised to go through all questions and practical questions. Based on your current skill level you don’t even need to try simple questions. But there will be all kind of questions presented here.

Each article on Microsoft Excel Interview Questions Series contains 5 questions and its explanations. Some of them are just theory questions and some of them may be like a logical question. That needs to be implemented in real time. Questions from all areas of excel 2013 like formulas, VBA, macros, charts, templates; dashboards are covered here and tried to group by same nature. Sometimes questions are intermixed and no specific order is followed.

Question 16: What is option base in vba 2013?

Answer: by default arrays declared in VBA starts from 0. If you want to change the lower limit of an array to 1, we can use this ‘option base’ feature. This is applied on module level. This statement must appear in a module before any procedures. Option Base can appear only once in a module and must precede array declarations that include dimension

Question 17: How to return multiple values in vba function?

Answer: Functions can return only one variable.So if we want to return multiple values of same type , we have to use an array. Each array location can hold one value. The problem with array is it can hold only kind of data type. If we want to transfer multiple data types, we have to define A ‘user defined’ datatype which can hold all types of values which we want and pass this ‘user defined’ datatype back to the caller

Question 18: How to recalculate all formula once values are updated?

Answer: If an excel workbook is not set for ‘automatic recalculation” we have to recalculate formula once cell value is updated. F9 is used to recalculate all the formula in the excel workbook and SHIFT +F to recalculate formula only for the active sheet

Question 19: What is excel object model?

Answer: BY excel object model , we refer the hierarchy of excel objects.excel object based on hierarchy is mentioned below
  1. excel application object
  2. excel workbook object
  3. excel sheet object
  4. exccel range object
  5. excel row and column object
  6. excel cell object
  7. cell property oblect

Question 20: How to manipulate a protected sheet using VBA?

Answer: If a sheet is protected we can’t manipulate the sheet with VBA. In order to do that , you have to first un protect the sheet using a VBA command, do manipulation as required, then protect the sheet with same password.

Microsoft Excel Interview Questions Series

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