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GTA 5 Special And Collector’s Editions Announced, Pricing + Pre-Order.

First up is the Special Edition, which is aimed at the relatively staunch GTA 5 fan. Costing a reasonable $79.99 — just twenty bucks more than the game on its own — you get a copy of the title, an art-book  blueprint map, special in-game abilities for certain characters, stunt planetrials and a number of additional garments and weapons you otherwise wouldn't have been able to enjoy.

The Collector’s Edition costs a cool $149.99, and as well as bundling everything found in the Special Edition, purchasers will also be treated to a security deposit bag and logo key, cap, classic characters for the online experience, and a host of unique vehicles and garage property.

Collector’s Edition
Special Edition
For anybody to spend $149.99, they’d have to be a pretty big supporter of GTA 5, but I am sure there are plenty out there willing to part with such vast amounts of cash, particularly considering the multitude of exclusive bits and pieces others won’t be able to access.

September 17th is the date, so if you haven’t already, make a note in your diary! You can pre-order for Xbox 360 and PS3 from here:

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