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3 Best Ways To Recover Stolen Laptop

A Laptop has lots of things like your Personal Data, Files, Emails, Password, Images videos and more. So today here we discuss about some of the best apps which allows you to track your Stolen Laptop. There are so many free app are available on the internet which helps you to recover your lost or stolen Laptops easily.

These free apps helps you to remotely monitor your stolen laptop, retrieving screenshots, webcam pictures, and Wi-Fi hotspot information that you can use to track down your property. So today here will show 3 best ways to Recover your Stolen or lost laptop.

Prey is free theft tracking and recovery software that really works in case of laptop stolen.

LockItTight tracks the location of your computers.

Locate My Laptop allows the user to track the location of a stolen computer from any other device with Internet access. Read full: 3 Best Ways To Recover Stolen Laptop


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