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Top 10 must have iOS Apps for Small Business

The iOS earlier known as iPhone Operating System or simply iPhone OS is a mobile operating system made by the Apple Inc.

The iOS is the advanced mobile operating system in the world. It is the main base for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It comes with a user-friendly interface with wonderful features and innovative built-in apps. There are many iOS apps which assist the users to improve the business performance and productivity.

The most applications are:
1. iWork: iWork app is an office suite and it’s a substitute for Microsoft Office which is used for making documents, spread sheets and presentations more effectively. It works much easier on iPad 3 if you have already installed iCloud.

The iWork Suite includes pages, keynote and numbers for efficiently doing the task of making amazing documents, reports, attractive presentations, dynamic spread sheets and much more.

2. Safari: Safari in your device can be used for a faster and convenient browsing; the integrated iCloud keeps the list of reading records and bookmarks up to date. Safari not just saves links but also saves all your webpages that you picked to read them later, you can browse these saved files even when you appear offline.

3. Messages: Messages app has replaced iChat. It does everything with more capabilities. You can converse, send or receive text, documents, and pictures. This also provides security to all your files.

4. FaceTime: FaceTime is one app which is specially used for video calls. You can utilise this facility and talk to anyone who has an iPad, iPhone or iPod.

5. Mail: Using this app is very convenient as it contains simple and intuitive interface, it provides instant access to all your email accounts. You also have an option to edit contacts folders of your accounts via this app.

6. Reminders: This app reminds you the day-to-day task which is to be done. It gives an alert on the  activities you have marked for a reminder. It alerts your bill payments such as mortgage, credit or bad debt loan payments.

7. Calendar: This inbuilt application lets you prepare and view all your schedules; it is also integrated with Facebook so that you will never miss parties, anniversaries or birthdays and it works excellent with social life.

8. Contacts: Contacts saves your contact information such as names, email ids, numbers and so on. It is also integrated with Facebook that means you receive an update whenever your Facebook friends update their profile.

9. Evernote: Evernote app helps in taking notes, saving your ideas while attending Conferences or meetings thus overall productivity is increased.

10. Siri: This is a smart personal assistant developed with artificial intelligence software. It acts as good personal assistant and also it gives reminds of your personal activities.

Some of the iOS Apps are available only on purchases if you suppose that particular app is essential to run your business then buy that application and rely on it to save manpower and time.

About the Author: Michelle. he is an tech writer from UK. I am into Finance :). Catch me @financeport