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WikiLeaks sees credit card donations re-enabled

We are almost certain this is not a result of WikiLeak's MasterCard skewering "Priceless" spoof ad, but the timing is certainly coincidental. Iceland-based Datacell, which has, in the past, processed donations for WikiLeaks said on Thursday that suddenly, it is able to receive payments from not just MasterCard, but Visa and American Express as well.

Previously, in fact, DataCell didn't have access to American Express, at all, but the company is now using a different payment processor.

It's possible that instead of a response to the spoof ad, the change is a response to a threatened legal complaint against the credit card companies by WikiLeaks and DataCell. They warned Visa, MasterCard, and payment gateway Teller that they intended to file a complaint with the EU Commission, and that complaint, according to be filed Thursday, the same day the spigot to donations was re-opened.

However, Visa told Fortune that they did not reinstate Datacell and "are looking into how transactions are being made."

That said, for now donations are being processed. How long the donation spigot remains open is questionable, as none have admitted that DataCell has explicitly been reinstated.

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