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How to Gain Access PC When You Forgot Windows Password?

With all versions of Windows, you can create multiple user names and passwords in order to keep your files secure. Changing or resetting Windows password is a simple process, even if you don't have the password. If you are not logged in with your user name and have forgotten Windows password, you can log in as an administrator, remove your old password and replace it with a new password. Resetting your password regularly helps keep your computer safe.


Here, just follow my instructions below and you will gain access back to your windows account and password.

1. Reboot your windows , once it starts up, keep clicking F8 , this should bring you to safe mode, start windows automatically under safe mode and follow these steps below .

2. Once you're in safe mode, On the bottom of your screen, click "start" menu , Go in to your control panel, find user accounts , click on that.

3. Go into user accounts and find your log in screen name you use example " duckie , and delete password log in, after you have done that now you can restart your system , it should just log you right in automatically without asking for your password.

4. Once you have completed the above steps, go back in to your user account and create yourself a new password and don't forget it this time, it's always safe to run windows with a password and login screen name.

As there are so many passwords surrouding us, like windows login password, email password, password for bank etc. , it is not easy to remember them all. Thus, some suggestions are available for you to avoid password forogtten or lost.

Tip 1: Write down all your password on a secret notebook and restore it in a safe place

Tip 2: create a password that is not so complex

Tip 3: if you are going to set a password for your Windows, it is better to create a Windows password reset disk or password hint at the time.

Tip 4: change the password regurally.
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