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10 General Programming Tips for Programmers

Every now and then, i tend to listen quite a few tips from my Managers, colleagues, and friends. These tips not a bit general but it does relate to the programming.

Here comes the list of 10 tips.

10. Do not Fear.

9. Divide and Conquer

8. Assume that coding is like writing a Novel and write it with lot of interest so the developers maintaining it would love to read it.

7. “Code as if every mistake you make will be discovered and you will be held accountable.” – Anonymous .

6. Be a Good listener first .

5. Be Open, learn to say no if it is not possible.

4. Diving into code is the best way to figure out things.

3. Be Relaxed even when solving one of the toughest problem .

2. Never Give up , you will get it .

1. Keep it Simple

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