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Beware misleading about the mobile gamer

Playing mobile games at home more enjoyable because it was in a state of relaxed and easily find and download new games via wireless internet at home, respectively. This activity is more interesting to do at home, without having to interfere with work and so forth.
There is also the assumption that casual games are games that sought by mobile gamers, because it is easily played in a while, like when you’re queuing tickets and so forth. It is also not entirely true, because at this time, some hardcore games like Infinity Blade and Deadspace are also very much loved by the players of mobile games.
Seeing that 47% of mobile games played at home, so mobile gamers can choose any game, including the hardcore games. So it is not always have to choose the games that can be played in a short time and easy to play.
In addition, the players make mobile gaming as one means of additional entertainment for them, when sitting in the living room couch, or lying on the bed. As for playing games console or computer they have to sit at the table or sit in front of the TV.
And the gamers, it is not identical with the players who can only play simple games casual games. They will choose what games they think are interesting.
Here are the results of a survey conducted about the place we play a mobile game:
  • 47% at Home
  • 14% in the office or workplace
  • 12% when you’re hanging out with friends
  • 7% in the toilet
  • 4% on the street or other places.
  • 3% in school
From the above survey, it turns toilet was ranked number 3 as a popular destination for mobile gaming. Interesting is not it?
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