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Microsoft CEO promises Windows 8 in 2012, 500 new features for Windows Phone 7

Windows 8 for desktop computers and tablets will ship in 2012, and an upcoming Windows Phone 7 update will include 500 new features, Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said Monday at a developers conference in Japan.
Ballmer said that Japan is home to Microsoft’s second-largest subsidiary and that Microsoft is looking to Japan to help the company be competitive in areas where it “is committed to investing and innovating and leading.”
One of the areas Microsoft wants to lead is “natural user interface” — using speech, gestures and touch to control computers. Microsoft has had success with its Kinect motion-sensing camera for its Xbox 360 video game console, but it has yet to release a major consumer tablet offering, which would rely on a touch-screen-oriented version of Windows. Read full News at L.A. Times [image: la times]

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