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[Google Play Offer] ‘Bringing Back The Sunshine’ Latest Album Absolutely FREE

If you’ve been looking for some good new music to listen to then Blake Shelton’s latest album“Bringing Back The Sunshine” is now available absolutely free to download.

Released in September 2014, Bringing Back The Sunshine, which debuted as the number 1 album on the U.S. Billboard Top 200, originally costs around $11 on the Google Play Store as a digital purchase, but can be grabbed for free for a limited period in a promotional effort that is only applicable in the U.S.

Consisting of 12 tracks in total, here’s a complete list of the songs that the album is carrying with it:
  • Bringing Back The Sunshine
  • Neon Light
  • Lonely Tonight (feat. Ashley Monroe)
  • Gonna
  • A Girl
  • Sangria
  • Buzzin’ (feat. RaeLynn)
  • Just South Of Heaven
  • I Need My Girl
  • Good Country Song
  • Anyone Else
  • Just Gettin’ Started

This sought-after album is Shelton’s ninth release, and other than topping the Billboard Top 200 charts in the U.S., Bringing Back The Sunshine was also number one on the U.S. Top Country Albums, as well as fourth on the Top Canadian Albums.

Download Now: Bringing Back The Sunshine

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