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New Android Security Bug Will Spend Every Penny In Your Account By Making Premium Calls

The scoop on this new strain of malicious intrusion arrives courtesy of IDG News Service, which reports that the flaw in the Android software lets apps make calls without a user’s permission. From there, a premium-rate line can be reached, and the bill payer is subsequently left to pony up for the hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in charges.

The premium-rate number trick is nothing new in itself, and if you look back across Android’s lifespan, it’s one of the more frequent ploys capitalized on by unscrupulous individuals. But it’s alarming to note that.

Security research outfit Curesec is credited with having discovered this particular security hole, and has apparently noted to Google of its findings. Those on Android 4.4.4 are lucky in that the bug has already been fixed on this particular software release, although it remains on Android 4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x, and all variants of Android 4.4 prior to the most recent. Read more about this

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