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Evolution Of Cell Phones [Video]

One cannot imagine living without cell phones in modern day life. Through these multi-tasking devices you can perform multiple activities such as calling, texting, staying updated on social media, video capturing, listening to favorite songs, playing live games, and much much more. With advancements in technology these devices are becoming smarter than ever before with more features, speed, and attributes associated with them.

However, these were not the way as we see them today. They were big, bulky, and did not have much features accompanying them. Well, things do evolve over time and cell phones are not an exception. Still the uniqueness about their evolution is that they came so far in a very short span of thirty years. An interesting graphical presentation shows the evolutionary cell phone models and describes their characteristics. There have been hundreds of thousands of different cell phone models offered by various companies with almost same features which we would have loved to own. However, the models selected in this video are on the basis of their attribution towards this great evolution. For instance, Motorola’s very first cellular phone DynaTAC 8000X in 1983, the BellSouth/IBM Simon Personal Communicator in 1993, Apple’s iPhone in 2007, and others.

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