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Download And Install CM Apps On Any Android Device Without Rooting

Flashing custom firmware on a rooted device isn’t all that difficult, but there’s definitely a learning curve involved in familiarizing yourself with the various steps, and to some, the whole idea seems scary and alien. Thanks to CM Apps, a new release over at the Google Play Store, you can take full advantage of many CM-based elements and apps without having to invest the time and effort into getting it running on your handset.

The CM Apps bundle arrives complete with the CyanogenMod music player, sound manager and clock widget among others, and although it’s not quite the same as flashing the CM mod and trying it out for real, it’s definitely the next best thing.

You never know, upon testing out CM Apps, you may even be convinced to either take the plunge and spend some time researching on how to flash CM on your device, or go out and find a handset that will allow you to, and given the swathes of Android users that swear by the work of the CyanogenMod team, don’t be surprised if you catch the bug after using this little teaser app.

Download it right now via the Play Store by checking Here (Skip Ads)

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