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Free App Day + Bonus $1.55 [17/Feb]: Switch: Get Lucky

A mysterious Magician has stolen Jack’s pet bunny, Lucky... Your mission is to help Jack get Lucky back!

You will have to jump your way through 5 distinct environments, making up a total of 150 free levels, and using an intuitive and addictive one touch control system.
Jack's crazy world gets more and more complex as you advance and learn different skills that will help you overcome the growing obstacles!
Bounce off walls and use the magic switches scattered throughout the land to your advantage - that's the only way you'll catch up to the runaway Magician! But remember... Not everything here is as it seems...

Bonus: Today you get the ad-free version and an extra 20 coins (enough to unlock more levels) worth $1.55 for FREE!

Switch Game Features:
  • One touch control
  • 3 worlds (2 more worlds coming soon)
  • 90 levels (60 more levels coming soon)
  • Many skills including: wall jumps, wall slide, double jump, anti-gravity fields, swimming and more
  • Many obstacles like spikes, saws, electricity, rocks, lasers, trap floors and more
  • Unlockable achievements
  • A nasty magician

  1. If you have blank graphics or the game don't start, it's because your phone can't play it, it's not the game fault
  2. We know that the login at the beginning it's annoying, we are trying to correct it.

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